Realistic or artistic: How do you prefer games to look?

Judging by the confidently exposed PS4 Specs and the less-assuringly partially-obscured Xbox One specs, it's beliecved that both next gen systems will at least match the performance of most high-end PCs (oh yes they will), and with that comes other big questions.

For instance, can next-gen games sit astride the uncanny valley without slipping into that distractingly bizarre middle-ground between real and fake? And, with these new opportunities for developers to maximise visual fidelity, will there be a shift of attention away from artistic games?

Personally I can't think of a time when there was more artistic credibility to the games industry than right now, and part of this is because of beautiful boutique games that don't demand much from GPUs but bring the best out of artists. But of course, it's also because of the games that play on Hollywood's terms and look amazingly real.

So I thought it would be interesting to ask: what type of visuals do you prefer? Do you favour artistic, hand-drawn and fantastical visual spectacles? Or are sharp, precise pologonal perfections more your thing?

Below you'll find a collection of ten games; half of which I consider to be the benchmark in visual realism, the other half I consider the best of the more abstract and visually distinct titles. Obviously I'm not saying that these realistic games have no artistic merit, nor am I saying that artistic games are completely abstract. But these games highlight the importance of each style. The question is, which do you prefer?

Take a look through the galleries of these games, take in their aesthetic splendour, and rate them on their visual merit (not how much fun you had with them). Discuss your tastes and picks in the comments below the article too. It will be interesting to see the results.

Heavy Rain

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