Video: The Life Of Pikmin episode five

See the blue Pikmin and boss enemies in action

Pikmin 3 is out now in Europe, and to celebrate here's the final episode in our five-part 'Life Of Pikmin' series of videos.

The concluding video shows the water-loving blue Pikmin in action and introduces some of the game's enormous boss creatures.

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Everything you see our Life Of Pikmin videos is in-game footage, so we recommend watching in full HD to see just how detailed the game is. If you've missed out on the previous episodes, you can catch up here:

Episode one introduces the planet PNF-404 on which the game is set, episode two shows off the red and yellow Pikmin, episode three reveals the new rock Pikmin and the game's first hero, Charlie, and episode fourshows the pink Pikmin and the other two heroes, Brittany and Alph.

Pikmin 3 is out now in Europe. To see if it's worth buying, read our full Pikmin 3 review.

Nintendo has confirmed a Pikmin 3 release date of August 4 in North America. The game will launch in stores and on the Nintendo eShop simultaneously.