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Comments of the Week

Your finest, funniest and oddest comments over the past seven days


GameStop profiting 'at the expense of everybody else', says Ready at Dawn boss

"Weerasuriya described a recent GameStop encounter in which a sales rep tried to sneakily sell him a used copy of a game over the new copy he'd requested"

This is what happened to me in Game and i walked out. I refuse to be sucked into their deceptive sales techniques, especially at the cost of my favourite hobby.

Im not against used game sales, but only when i request the game used not when Game tries to sneakily sell me it!!" - flyfletch

Regardless of our opinions on used games, I think we can all agree that sneaky second hand sales are not cool.

"If it weren't for the fact that I can sell my games on, I wouldn't be able to afford anywhere near the volume of games I buy new. I'm sure I'm not the only one who does this to fund their hobby and I've been selling on my games since the NES days." - m00dy29

I think the issue most developers and publishers have with used games is the amount of profit retailers make and policies that favour selling used games over new ones (which support them), which is understandable.

New Tomb Raider comic 'will lead directly into the sequel'

"Absolutely agree with this. I enjoyed the series in the past (Anniversary, Legend and Underworld - didn't play the others) primarily because of the mental challenge. Walking into these huge rooms and trying to figure out how to reach the exit. Gradually figuring out what each of the switches do and where to make the jumps and what order to do things in. In the reboot the puzzles are much smaller in scale and most of them are optional anyway.

I actually replayed those 3 games straight after finishing the reboot. In Anniversary Lara kills one Human in the entire game. One. In a QTE. Two other guys kill each other in a cutscene. Underworld is mostly combat against animals and monsters. Contrast that to the reboot where its wave after wave after wave of three guys, five guys, ten guys. The story (which was fantastic) shows Lara being upset about killing a deer, upset about killing a guy ... ten hours later she's killed what, 300 guys? It just didn't fit.

I did enjoy the combat from a mechanical point of view - having to use my own skill to aim rather than just pressing a button to lock on - but there was simply far too much of it."

How about a best of both worlds scenario where there are lots of large tombs filled with puzzles available as optional side-objectives. Then we're all happy!

Stealth Inc launch trailer released

"This is why I bought my Vita... not interested in big AAA games for it, not even interested in games over a tenner for it, got my PS3 soon to be PS4 for all that. My vita is perfect for the like of this, Hotline,Guamamaleaealealeeeaae and the likes, i love it" - lifebrink

You get a comments of the weak spot just for mentioning Guacamelee. Also, check out Velocity Ultra and SoundShapes. AMAAAAAAZING.

Eidos Montreal boss resigns, claims company 'lacks courage'

"Stephane D'Astous... Why u rage quit brah?" - darkcult

We'd pay money to see someone say that to his face.

Sony confirms Gran Turismo movie in production

"Ridiculous idea. A movie about a car sim? No doubt being turned into a street racing action movie like Need For Speed then. What's next, Train Simulator being turned into a Speed type movie?" - TheCrimsonFenix

Wait, did you just pitch a Chase the Express movie?