Sony dates Gamescom press conference

PS4 showcase set for August 20 just ahead of the German games expo

Sony will host its Gamescom press conference on August 20, the platform holder has confirmed.

The event will take place at the Saatenhaus am Rheinpark in Cologne, starting at 7pm CET (6pm UK), reports MCV.


Sony conferences are typical at Gamescom, with the firm having used the event to announce the first slim PS3, hardware price cuts and major software titles.

Microsoft will host its press conference on the same day, and it will be critical for both firms to impress, with the expected arrivals of Xbox One and PS4 looming ever closer.

With Sony expecting Microsoft to tackle Europe more aggressively, it was indicated to CVG by a Sony insider that PlayStation is "prepared to do whatever it takes" to ensure success in Europe - its first step being to ensure there is no PS4 delay across Europe.

While Xbox One has been given a November launch window, Sony is yet to be more specific than its projected "holiday 2013" launch for PS4.

Industry analysts have deemed it in both firms' best interest to launch first in order to grab an early spotlight over the competitor.