Xbox One controllers ready for pre-order in the US

Peripherals on sale ahead of Holiday 2013 launch

Microsoft is now taking pre-orders for both the Xbox One controller and Microsoft headsets.


The Xbox One controller is available for US$59.99, while a bundle including the 'Play and Charge' rechargeable battery pack is available for $74.99.

The controller is not yet available on Microsoft's UK website.

Meanwhile, the Xbox One Chat Headset is available to purchase for US$24.99.

Microsoft's next generation console will launch this November, though no specific date has been announced. Reports of a November 27 Xbox One release date were quashed by Microsoft.

Retail prices for the console are £425 / $499 / AU$599, though an analyst recently predicted that Microsoft is working with channel partners to "lessen the gap" between the Xbox One price and the PlayStation 4's, which is £349 / $399 / AU$549.

Sony has not confirmed the PlayStation 4 release date, aside from pledging a 2013 release.