Disney registers Star Wars Attack Squadron domains

EA-owned domains point to firm's potential involvement in project

Disney's LucasFilm has registered a series of domains for an unannounced project called Star Wars Attack Squadron.

The registrations include names like,, and


While it's unknown what type of product the domains relate to, EA has owned domain names and for a number of years, Fusible reports.

In total, Disney registered about four dozen AttackSquadron domain names last Friday, July 26, suggesting it's intent on protecting the intellectual property.

As well as Battlefield maker DICE, which is working on a new Star Wars Battlefront title, Visceral Games and BioWare are set to develop Star Wars games following the recent agreement of a multi-year deal between EA and Disney.

The EA deal will see the publisher create Star Wars titles for "a core gaming audience", with games "spanning all interactive platforms and the most popular game genres".

Disney, which acquired Lucasfilm and, with it, the rights to Star Wars last year for $4.05 billion, retains "certain rights" to develop new titles within the mobile, social, tablet and online game categories.