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Aliens Colonial Marines felt 'passionless', says Hicks actor

"Some people are just going through the paces," suggests Michael Biehn

Michael Biehn, the actor who played Corporal Dwayne Hicks in Aliens, has said reprising his role in Aliens: Colonial Marines was no fun because he felt key creatives attached to the project displayed a lack of passion for it.

In an interview with Game Informer, Biehn was talking about how he was approached to voice Rex Colt, the hero of Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, when he brought up Colonial Marines.


"The only other gaming experience that I had was I did a voice [Corporal Hicks] in the Aliens game that they made," he said. "That wasn't fun at all. I just didn't really have any fun.

"It seemed kind of passionless. I think in movies, television and the gaming world, you get some people that are really, really passionate, and some people that are just going through the paces.

"They think that because they have a brand name they're going to get a hit game or hit movie out of it. That certainly was the situation on [Aliens: Colonial Marines]."


He went on to explain that the reason he accepted the Blood Dragon role was because he could clearly see the enthusiasm creative director Dean Evans had for the project.

"He was talking to me about the game and the fact that it was an '80s throwback, and there would be a lot of lines that were Arnold Schwarzenegger-like, that were Stallone-like, Bruce Willis, myself," he said. "Those kind of lines, that kind of vibe, and the fact that it was going to be a throwback to the '80s was something that I thought was interesting. But really it was his passion, man. You just can't say no to him."

Last week Sega quietly released Stasis Interrupted, the first campaign DLC for Aliens: Colonial Marines. It lets players "discover what truly happened to Hicks".

In our Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon review, we concluded that it was "a standalone sandbox packing nostalgic action thrills alongside contemporary gaming commentary. You don't need to be an '80s kid to 'get' Blood Dragon, but it helps."