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Canabalt and Aquaria devs team up for Grave

Creators of cult indie games are collaborating on a new title

The developers of cult indie games Canabalt and Aquaria have announced they're working on Grave, a new title claimed to be unlike any other.

Announced on the official Grave blog, the game will be a collaboration between Adam Saltsman, the creator of Canabalt, and Alec Holowka, who worked on Aquaria.


Saltsman will be working on Grave's artwork and design, while Holowka will be programming and scoring the game.

Intriguingly, Saltsman says he's unable to say what sort of game Grave will be because in his opinion: "[It] doesn't really fit in any existing genre that I know of.

"If you're fond of stretched metaphors, you might say that It's sort of like Farmville meets Starcraft, or maybe Super Crate Box meets Desktop Dungeons," he says on the blog.

"We're still exploring the possibilities, so I don't want to say too much. For now let's just call it "an arcade game" and we'll get into more detail as we go."