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Vote: What games should Nintendo bring to Wii U?

Which IPs can reverse Nintendo's fortunes?

It's a bitter-sweet time for Nintendo at the moment with success and failure delivered in equal doses.

Recent financial results have shown that 3DS hardware and software sales have been high enough to keep making Nintendo an overall profit, but the Wii U is severely underperforming with only 160,000 consoles sold worldwide in the last three months.

But as Nintendo told us this week, it's software that drives hardware. So, with the corporation needing to draw from its deep reserves of IP to help restore the system's chances, we want the CVG community to air their views about what games they'd like to see arrive.

We have short-listed ten classic Nintendo IPs - all you have to do is rate each game out of ten, with one meaning you couldn't care less if it didn't come to the Wii U and ten meaning you'd buy its face off. And hey, we wanted to keep this down to a list of ten so it wouldn't be too much of a chore to go through, but if there's loads of comments about any other Nintendo game, we'll add it to the list.

Let's get started.

1080 Snowboarding

Another game in the Wave Race mould, 1080 was regarded by some as the finest example of snowboard gaming until EA's SSX series came along (and even then, some prefer 1080's sports-sim approach).

The widely forgotten sequel, 1080 Avalanche, was released on the GameCube in November 2003 and effectively damaged the brand due to its unremarkable gameplay. Is there still room for another snowboarding game?

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  • 8.4 

    1: Metroid

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    2: Paper Mario

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    3: Kid Icarus

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    4: F-Zero

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    5: Star Fox

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