Grand Theft Auto 5 rated R18+ in Australia

Installment secures Australian release

Grand Theft Auto 5 has been rated R18+ in Australia, amid concerns it would be refused classification.


The Australian Classification Board posted the ruling this morning, which warns against the game's 'high impact' drug use. The game also features 'strong impact' themes, violence, language, nudity and sex.

GTA 5's approval by the board indicates that no rewards or incentives related to illicit drugs are offered in the installment, which releases next month.

Saints Row 4 was refused classification for the second time this week due to the game's inclusion of illicit drugs as a reward or incentive.

Australia is historically strict with the depiction of drugs in video games: Bethesda was forced to remove Morphine as a power-up in Fallout 3 due to the board's hardline stance against drug use as an incentive.

Past Grand Theft Auto games have come under heavy scrutiny in Australia: an amended version of GTA IV was initially released in the region which disallowed sexual contact with prostitutes, among other smaller amendments.

Rockstar later submitted an uncut version to the classification board upon the PC edition's release, which was passed as an MA15+ title.

Similarly, GTA: San Andreas was banned post-launch following the discovery of inaccessible code in the game depicting graphic sex. A patched version was later released.

Australia introduced an R18+ rating in January following a long campaign. State of Decay was also refused classification last month due to drug use, though an amended version was later rated R18+.

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