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Payday 2: safehouse trailer

Complete tutorials and enjoy your wealth following heists

505 Games has released a new Payday 2 trailer focusing on the role of the title's safehouse.

Game director David Goldfarb says: "The safehouse is a place where you can experiment with the mechanics of the game without the pressures of cops shooting you in the face.

"There are a bunch of different tutorials in there, from testing the way alarms work to drilling stuff and blowing open doors with C4.

"Additionally, it's there to enjoy your wealth... It's a place where you can admire what you've done as a criminal. You can come home, look at that pile of gold and feel like you've had a good day."

Close Close

505 has confirmed that the game will be released next month in physical form for Xbox 360 and PS3, alongside the originally-planned digital console release. The PC edition will remain digital only via Steam.

We said in a Payday 2 preview published in March: "Payday 2 provides a unique spin on co-op first-person shooting, and we love the idea of becoming a career criminal with friends, working our way up from lowly convenience store stick-ups to mass-scale bank robberies.

"The first game was excellent, but with the guiding hand of Chronicles of Riddick developers Starbreeze, which recently purchased Overkill, this sequel could be even better."