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Hungarian dev decides to build game, looks unbelievably impressive

Meridian: New World is a sci-fi RTS from micro-studio Elder Games

Two years ago Ede Tarsoly elected to make his own professional-level RTS that looks slick and 3D and everything. I'm sure if he told me this at the time I would have respectfully shook is hand and said best of luck, but I wouldn't think he'd have much of a chance.

Anyway, two years hence, and he's now lifting the curtain off Meridian: New World.

And it looks, er, fantastic.

Tarsoly, who is probably being head-hunted by games studios as you read this, acted as game designer and programmer at the studio he also founded, Elder Games. Oh, and he directed and produced the audio and music too. No big deal.

Anyway, check out the trailer below. Visit Tarsoly's (likely self-made) website and give him moral support here

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