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First new Knightmare episode in 19 years comes to YouTube

Spellcasting: F-I-N-A-L-L-Y

"Where am I?"

Walk forward. Quickly.

"You're in a room. There's a table in front of you and there's a computer on the table."

"CAREFUL TEAM, sometimes appearances can be deceiving."

"Okay, sidestep to the left. Now walk forward towards the table. Stop. Can you see the computer?"


"Now turn it on and go to YouTube."


"Because there's a brand new episode of Knightmare created for YouTube's Geek Week on there, complete with the original guy who played Treguard and with the same rubbish computer graphics, and if you get the references we've made in this article then you already know why that's the most exciting news this month."

"Right. Good."

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