Wolfenstein: The New Order screenshots released

Series reboot recently delayed to 2014

Bethesda has released a fresh batch of Wolfenstein: The New Order screenshots.

The latest images arrive just days after the publisher announced that the Wolfenstein: The New Order release date has been delayed from the fourth quarter of 2013 to next year to allow for extra polish.

Announced in early May for PC, current and next-gen consoles, the title is development at Swedish outfit MachineGames, a studio largely comprised of talent that worked on the Chronicles of Riddick series and The Darkness.

In our first Wolfenstein: The New Order preview, we wrote: "Variety will be important for Wolfenstein. The combat is entertaining, but it doesn't feel like there's enough meat there to last the length of an entire game.

"Yet if the developers keep throwing interesting locations, characters, story moments, and puzzles at us, it won't matter. We've only had a brief glimpse of this Nazi-ruled 1960s, but we already love it. Unlike the bland 2009 reboot, BJ's next-gen debut is bursting with character and old school charm."