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Crytek admits 'user data may have been compromised'

Websites still offline following 'suspicious activity'

Crysis studio Crytek has admitted that some users' information may have been compromised in a suspected hacker infiltration of its websites last week.

Four Crytek websites,,, and, were taken offline over the weekend after the studio said it "became aware of suspicious activity".


According to a company statement published on Polygon, the four sites "were all subject to a security breach that may have resulted in some users' login data being compromised".

Those websites remain offline as Crytek investigates the possibility that users' information was leaked.

"Although it is uncertain whether the incident led to the copying and decryption of email addresses and passwords, it is possible that users with accounts at these websites have had personal data copied," admitted the rep.

"On Friday afternoon we started to contact all affected users via email and informed them of the potential security breach."

The firm says it is "working on getting all websites fully operational again as soon as possible", but warns that account holders on or will be asked to change their passwords upon their return.