SimCity for Mac to release August 29

Maxis' OSX port now weeks away

SimCity for Mac will release on August 29, publisher Electronic Arts has confirmed.

Originally scheduled for a June 11 release, the OSX version was later delayed in order to "ensure it's a great experience," according to senior producer Kip Katsarelis.


The Mac version isn't believed to be a straightforward port of the PC code, which released in March. Maxis announced in January that a full native version of SimCity has been built for the platform. "Because of this, we want to take the time to ensure fans will get a version worthy of their platform."

SimCity's PC launch was chaotic and embarassing for the company, with server problems affecting users across Europe and North America.

The issues culminated in Amazon removing the game temporarily from sale, and a 30,000 strong petition demanding the game's always-online requirement be removed.

SimCity sales have topped two million units since the game's release in March. The OSX version will be digital only.