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Dishonored 'Game of the Year' edition outed by Australian Classification Board

Reissue likely to bundle all DLC

A 'Game of the Year' edition of Dishonored has been listed on the Australian Classification Board website, ahead of any official announcement from its publisher.

The board, which has a history of leaking titles before announcements, has rated the package MA15+ for "strong bloody violence". No release date is indicated.


Dishonored has so far been serviced with two DLC packs in the form of Dunwall City Trials and The Knife of Dunwall. Additionally, the Void Walker's Arsenal pack allowed access to content previously exclusive to pre-order purchases.

Meanwhile, a fourth and final story-focused DLC pack will release on August 13 in the form of The Brigmore Witches, which concludes the story of Daud. A list of achievements for the pack leaked earlier this week.

It's standard practice for Bethesda to re-release its games with DLC included: a Skyrim Legendary Edition was released on June 7.

Dishonored was widely regarded as one of the best games of 2012, with CVG describing it as "one of the greatest games of the generation".

We've contacted a representative for Bethesda and will update the story when we hear back.