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Ducktales Remastered video documentary: Sound and music

Developers discuss updating the NES bleeps to the modern remake

Here's a new video documentary for WayForwards' Ducktales Remastered, this time focusing on the game's sound effects and music.

Several members of the development team chime in to offer insight into the updated music remixed from the original 8-bit music.

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A previously-released 'Duckumentary' spotlighted the game's new art style and animation.

Ducktales Remastered is a complete remake of the NES classic, Ducktales, which saw players control Scrooge McDuck and explore sprawling levels set in vastly different environments from the snowy Himalayas to the dungeons of Transylvania and the surface of the moon.

The critically acclaimed original was released on the NES in 1989 in US (1990 in EU and Japan), and later brought to Game Boy.

It's due for release as a digital download on August 13 for Wii U, PS3 and PC, and on September 11 for Xbox 360.