Another half-awesome Half-Life fan-flick

Gravity Gun origins story published as part of YouTube's Geek Week

Apologies apologies apologies I'm losing my mind again all excited for That Game We Shall Not Mention because another group of amazingly talented people have poked away at its majestic yet dormant narrative.

This time it was the turn of a hobbyist movie-making collective called Corridor Digital, which has published a wonderful-in-parts Half-Life 2 video. Yeah, another one.

The footage explores the origins of the Gravity Gun, and how Alyx Vance placed her trust in the technology during a Combine raid. It's typically half-awesome, with great ideas held back by a punishingly limited budget.

Corridor Digital's four-and-a-half-minute film was publicised as part of YouTube's Geek Week promotion (which, er, CVG's immensely successful GTA 5 O'clock was part of!), and features familiar-yet-heavenly motifs such as Combine death radio sounds, the Orwellian Overwatch Voice, and familiar machine gun rattletattle.

Take a look:

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PS: Sorry, just to add to your painfully long wait for That Game We Shall Not Mention, Valve might also have commissioned a Half-Life movie to Hollywood director JJ Abrams.