Target cutting Vita price to $200, claims report

US chain allegedly to introduce sale on August 18

US gamers will be able to buy a PlayStation Vita for $199.99 at a Target store from August 18, according to multiple online reports.

Scans of an alleged Target promo flier surfaced online today showing the sale price for "all PS Vita portable systems" starting August 18 - 24.


A drop to $199.99 on both the Wifi-only and 3G versions of Vita would represent at $50 or $100 (respectively) discount on the Sony handheld, which has struggled to sell at its current retail price.

Target stores local to this editor claimed no knowledge of an impending price cut, but that doesn't rule out the validity of the reports.

Sony declined to offer specific Vita data in its first quarter financial report recently, instead bundling together Vita and PSP sales, which came in at just 600,000, down from 1.4 million in the same period a year earlier.

But a Sony exec was willing to admit that the Vita "is not performing that well" at retail.

Sony's latest hardware sales guidance remained unchanged from its May outlook, with the firm still expecting to sell a combined total of five million handheld systems in the year ending April 2014.