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Rocksmith 2014 details surface through new video

Community developer Mike Madavi answers fan questions

Rocksmith 2014 Edition will be compatible with all on-disc and DLC tracks from the original, community developer Mike Madavi explains in a new video.

Madavi has answered a range of questions posed by the Rocksmith fan community, and in the process revealed some key details regarding the update to Ubisoft's popular guitar tutorial game.


The video confirms that Ubisoft is not working on developing Rocksmith 2014 for next-gen consoles, as Madavi points out that working on current platforms means they can make the game as good as possible, while reaching the widest audience possible.

Rocksmith 2014 edition will again support bass guitar, while the same cable from the original Rocksmith can be used with the 2014 edition. Madavi says latency has been improved in the 2014 edition.

All on-disc tracks and DLC from the original Rocksmith will be supported in the 2014 edition, with new techniques add to old songs that won't be available in the old edition. DLC for the original game has stopped.

Rocksmith 2014 was revealed at E3, with Jerry Cantrell from Alice in Chains demonstrating the game. During the presentation he used a wah pedal, prompting fans to assume effect pedals are now supported in the game. Madavi said that they aren't officially supported, though the user is free to use one anyway.

The video can be watched here:

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