Defiance DLC dated and detailed

First content drop due August 20

The first DLC pack for shooter MMO Defiance will release on August 20, its studio has confirmed.

The Castithan Charge Pack allows users to play as a Castithan, and also ushers in a round of new weapons, pursuits, story lines and more.

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Best-of-three matches have been added, as well as massive Siege battles against the Volge and new Battle Arenas. A Raptor Truck, which transports a maximum of four players, will also be added.

The full notes:

  • Play as a Castithan (you can even convert your current character if you'd like!)
  • Battle against the Volge in massive Siege battles
  • Access new Battle Arenas and earn a Castithan Blade reward
  • Duel other players in best-of-three matches
  • Drive the Raptor Truck, Defiance's first 4-player vehicle
  • Fight with the new charge weapons, including pistols, shotguns, and sniper rifles
  • Plus: new pursuits, new story lines, and more

Trion Worlds has promised five DLC packs for Defiance, with both free and paid options available.

A round of redundancies hit Trion Worlds in May, only weeks after the release of Defiance. The game is a tie-in to the Syfy TV series of the same name.

Launched in April for Xbox 360, PC and PS3, we described Defiance as "unfinished and unfulfilling, even if we admire its ambition."