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GTA 5 videos promote San Andreas governor candidates

Conservative challenger Jock Cranley takes on liberal Sue Murry

Rockstar has released campaign videos for Grand Theft Auto 5's fictional gubernatorial candidates.

Former actor and stuntman Jock Cranley is a conservative challenger who hates everyone and admits to being a dick, while Sue Murry is a liberal who plans to get the state of San Andreas back on its feet with a big increase in government spending and investment in public radio.

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More than a dozen new GTA 5 screenshots were released on Tuesday, alongside fresh artwork and details of the activities players will be able to lose themselves in when the game launches next month. Five more GTA 5 screenshots made their way online today.

Rockstar is set to unveil Grand Theft Auto Online this Thursday, August 15. The online component of GTA 5 will be revealed with a gameplay video, which is set to go live alongside a comprehensive CVG preview and extensive coverage from our weekly YouTube show GTA 5 o'clock.

Rockstar has confirmed a US and European GTA 5 release date of September 17 on Xbox 360 and PS3. The game will launch in Japan on October 10.