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Call of Duty Ghosts multiplayer: all the details and videos

Activision unveils destructible environments, female soldiers, new modes and more

Activision has unveiled the first details on the new Call of Duty Ghost multiplayer mode with an hour-long presentation on Wednesday.

Activision publishing chief executive Eric Hirshberg took to the stage to introduce the multiplayer debut trailer, which showed off the first-in-game footage of the game mode in action.

The trailer confirmed female soldiers, showed destructible environments, remote-controlled drones, the appearance of the dog previously revealed for the single-player campaign, and player squads.

The official multiplayer reveal trailer is below:

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During the event, Activision revealed new gameplay modes including Cranked, in which kills make players faster, but activates a countdown timer which must be topped up with further kills. Upon the countdown's timeout, players will explode.

A new Search and Rescue mode is similar to Search and Destroy, but teams can revive fallen squadmates. Players drop dog-tags when killed, activating an impromptu race between both teams; if a teammate grabs the dog-tag, the player is revived, if an enemy gets it, the fallen soldier is out.

In Ghosts, players won't just customise load-outs, but will create and customise a full squad of 10 soldiers, each with their own XP count, equipment and, eventually, Prestige status.

Adding to that is a new Squads mode - previously teased - which is a solo, co-operative and competitive mode that lets players match their squads against others.

Activision also detailed four Squads modes;

  • 'Squad vs Squad' places you and an AI-controlled squad against another player and their AI team.
  • 'Wargame' allows players to pick five squad mates to play against an all-AI enemy team.
  • 'Safeguard' is a four-player co-op mode with wave-based AI enemies.
  • 'Squad Assault' is a six-player co-op mode that pits players against the squads of offline players (controlled by AI).

Crucially, XP earned in the Squads mode counts towards multiplayer, allowing players of all skill levels to gain XP.

Here's the Squads mode trailer:

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Other details:

  • A new 'Field Orders' feature begins when the first player is killed in a traditional deathmatch - when this happens the player drops a suitcase. When another player grabs that suitcase they're given a special side-mission (such as getting a set number of kills, or head shots). If the mini-mission is achieved, the player will get a strike package containing any of the game's powerful Strike weapons. If the player dies, the suitcase is dropped for another player to grab.
  • Dynamic Map Events can be triggered within maps and can potentially change the lay of the land. Footage showed buses falling from cliffs, petrol stations exploding and walls being taken out - providing at least partially destructible environments.
  • Death Streaks have been abandoned.
  • Instead of a linear unlocking path, players will unlock weapons, streaks and other items in any order they wish using Squad Points earned as multiplayer matches are played.
  • When players Prestige a soldier in their squad, they keep all of their unlocked gear. With a maximum of 10 soldiers in a single Squad, that equates to 10 levels of Prestige, said Infinity Ward executive producer Mark Rubin.
  • Ghosts will contain 30 new weapons, which represents "an 80 per cent overhaul from Modern Warfare 3". This includes an entirely new weapon class, the Marksman Rifles, which Rubin said "bridges the gap between snipers and marksman".
  • There will be over 20 new Killstreaks, with examples shown that let players control a Juggernaut, snipping while flying over a map and controlling a remote grenade-equipped drone.
  • For one new Killstreak, the now infamous pooch Riley can be called in as a guard dog - he will follow players around the map, attacking foes and will growl when enemies are nearby.
  • Cross-gen profile transfers are confirmed, meaning all stats built up on Xbox 360, for example, can be picked up on the Xbox One version of the game. Cross-gen transfers are restricted to the same console family (so 360 profiles are not retrievable on PS4).
  • Call of Duty Elite will be integrated with mobile and tablet apps, for which can be activated for free. The app, launching alongside Ghosts, will track career stats, allow for custom load outs and more.
  • The mobile app will introduce new Clan support features, including chat and game invites, and a meta game that can earn players XP.
  • Clan Wars pairs your team up with others', with matches giving points in a mini tournament that lasts two weeks.

Here's a multiplayer video documentary that goes into more detail on each new aspect of Ghosts' multiplayer:

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During the multiplayer reveal, Activision also brought on two professional CoD clans on stage to play a full round of Call of Duty Ghosts' new Cranked mode, which you can watch in full below:

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Activision has confirmed a Call of Duty: Ghosts release date of November 5 on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U and PC. The game will also be a launch title for Xbox One and PS4.