Payday 2 DLC: 5 packs planned

Overkill plans to update the game with both paid and free content

Overkill Software has revealed plans to release five Payday 2 DLC packs.

Game director David Goldfarb told Joystiq: "Payday 2 - just like its predecessor Payday: The Heist - is a living thing. We have five DLCs planned together with 505 Games for the coming year."


Goldfarb said that Overkill plans to update the game with free content too, "just like we did with the first game".

In our Payday 2 review we said: "With friends, it's one of the most intense, thrilling co-op multiplayer games we've played.

"The unpredictability of the randomisation can make even heists you've played a dozen times feel fresh, throwing new surprises at you. Making it past seemingly impossible odds with a fat bag of money slung over your shoulder is hugely rewarding."

This seems to be an opinion shared by other publications, as our Payday 2 review round-up shows.

Earlier this month, Overkill parent company Starbreeze announced that Payday 2 was profitable based on pre-orders alone.