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Call of Duty Ghosts PC enhanced beyond next-gen console version

Exec producer promises 'even higher' graphical fidelity on PC

The PC version of Call of Duty Ghosts will feature graphical touches higher in quality than the PS4 and Xbox One versions.

That's according to the game's exec producer Mark Rubin, who says this year's CoD game will give the PC platform the visual bump it deserves.


Previous games in the series had forced gamers with powerful PC rigs to setting for assets pulled over from the Xbox 360/PS3 versions, making for a game that didn't offer PC the visual superiority it typically boasts. But this year will be different.

"Now, PC has its own set of assets," Rubin told Kotaku. "It's going to look better than any Call of Duty we've ever made on PC."

He went on, "They're actually using an even higher version in many cases than the next-gen consoles, from a texture standpoint," he added, suggesting that the game will look its best on PC, and not on Microsoft and Sony's new platforms.

During a multiplayer unveiling on Wednesday, developer Infinity Ward confirmed female soldiers, new gameplay modes, a new custom Squad mechanic, destructible environments, remote-controlled drones, new weapons and lots more.

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