12 GB PlayStation 3 Super Slim now available in North America

Budget PS3 console retails for $199.99

The PS3 Super Slim 12 GB model is now available in the United States and Canada for $199.99.

The model launched in PAL territories in late 2012 in both 12 GB and 500 GB varieties. According to retailers such as Best Buy, it's now available in NTSC regions for $199.99.


The console features 12 GB of flash memory and was originally released in Europe and Australia on October 12 last year. A 500 GB version is also available in PAL and NTSC territories.

Upon its release last year CVG published a series of images showcasing the third iteration of Sony's console, as well as a video demonstrating the disc tray design.

Sony is poised to release more specific details regarding the PlayStation 4's release date at Gamescom later this week. It's currently confirmed for a November launch window.

In our review of the 500 GB Super Slim, we said "it's a little smaller, a little quieter, a little cheaper-looking and has a little more storage."