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Only 30,000 copies of Wonderful 101 shipped to Japan, claims report

Nintendo allegedly planning small-scale launch for Wii U exclusive

Nintendo will give The Wonderful 101 a small-scale launch in Japan later this month, according to a report.

The publisher has shipped just 30,000 copies of the Wii U exclusive to the region for its August 24 release, reports Japanese blog Sinobi, via Siliconera.


Although unconfirmed, such a small shipment would signal relatively reserved launch aspirations for the platform exclusive - a new IP from Japanese developer Platinum Games.

Reviews emerged online today with mostly positive feedback. We said in our The Wonderful 101 review that it "lacks the mesmerising fluidity of Platinum's other work, but The Wonderful 101 puts on a real show for the eyes all the same.

"Hack and slash connoisseurs with both the patience to learn a new way to play and a thirst for high-score chasing will be well-rewarded for their investment," said CVG's Alex Dale, awarding it a 7/10.

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The Wonderful 101 will release in UK on August 23, in Japan on August 24 and US on September 15.