New Murdered Soul Suspect trailer released

Meet the witness in Square Enix's ghost detective game

Square Enix has released a new Murdered: Soul Suspect trailer.

The game is described by producer Eric Studer as a "supernatural detective thriller that's a brand new blend on the action adventure genre" in which players are tasked with solving their own murder.

The new Gamescom trailer introduces a fresh character, a witness who saw the protagonist's murder and may be able to help identify the killer.

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In a recent Murdered: Soul Suspect preview, we said: "In many ways Murdered: Soul Suspect is an evolution of the classic point-and-click genre and, like those games, its success will hinge entirely on how good the puzzles are and the stories it has to tell.

"Although we weren't immediately captured by the figure-out-why-you're-dead premise, the supernatural element is a wrinkle that could take it to interesting places."