Pulled Ouya advert takes aim at 'crappy Medal of Duty'

Suggests consumers should try new games for free on the Android console

Android game console company Ouya appears to have released and pulled an advert promoting its console over "crappy" games such as "Medal of Duty".

The advert, which was originally published on the official Ouya YouTube channel but has since been pulled, features an animated male character complaining about buying "exactly the same game" again, before vomiting an ankle-high pool of bile, ripping out his own spine and beating himself over the head with it.

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"Stop wasting cash on crappy games," the advert says, pointing out that hundreds of games are free to try on Ouya. After it was pulled, NeoGAF user Wario64 re-uploaded the video along with evidence it was originally posted on the Ouya account.


Every game released on Ouya must have a free element, whether it's a demo or a totally free game with purchasable in-app items.

In late July, a month after the console launched, Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman said 27 per cent of Ouya owners had purchased content.

In our Ouya review we said there's plenty of things the system must overcome before it can truly be considered a viable alternative to other gaming hardware.