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DriveClub gameplay video shows Aston Martin Vanquish

Check out Evolution Studios' upcoming PS4 racing sim

CVG's Gamescom team is hitting the show floor hard to get hands-on with the next-gen titles available at the event; we managed to spend some time with Evolution Studios' DriveClub, tearing around the racetrack in an Aston Martin Vanquish.

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Like Killzone: Shadowfall and Knack, DriveClub will be a PlayStation 4 launch title.

DriveClub's art director Alex Perkins has said Evolution hopes to hit 60 frames-per-second with its next-gen racer, but may "never quite reach there".

"There is a hell of a lot going on," he said. "Increased visual fidelity does cost, there's no argument about it. The PlayStation 4 is very capable of doing both but we've gone for a fully dynamic environment, so you can go any time of day, anywhere on the planet, and it'll calculate the atmospheric density, whether you're up the top of a mountain or at sea level. So while we are aiming for sixty, there is always the chance that we'll never quite reach there."

For more on the game, check out this Driveclub trailer and DriveClub developer interview.