Video: Rome 2 unboxed during dog attack

Don't try this at home...

Total War: Rome 2 developer The Creative Assembly has released an "unorthoboxing", or an unorthodox unboxing for the portmanteau haters.

The video, which you can watch below, features developers from the studio attempting to explain what's in the collector's edition of the game while chased and attacked by trained war dogs.

Take a look:

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Sega has confirmed a global Total War: Rome 2 release date of September 3, as well as a collector's edition of the game and pre-order bonuses.

Early purchasers will gain access to day-one DLC in the form of the Greek States Culture pack. It will feature three additional playable factions (Epirus, Athens and Sparta), taking the total to 12.

For more on the title, check out the latest Total War Rome 2 gameplay video, which sees the Macedonian faction taking on the might of Rome in a straight-up, open terrain skirmish match.