Xbox One video shows off Kinect facial scanning

See how the new sensor puts your face into Kinect Sports Rivals

Microsoft has released a new video to show off how well the new Xbox One Kinect can scan and build a virtual representation of your face.

Kinect Sports Rivals will utilise the feature to create playable avatars that closely resemble the player.

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Kinect Sports Rivals is a Kinect-controlled bundle of sports events including soccer, climbing, wake racing, bowling, target shooting, tennis and more.

The game was initially slated to be among the list of Xbox One launch games this November, but will now release during Spring 2014, or Autumn in Australia, following a delay in July.

According to Microsoft the delay will allow Rare to further polish the Kinect title, which is the studio's first release for Xbox One.

Check out a Kinect Sports Rivals Gamescom trailer here.