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Wargaming eyes Xbox One for World of Tanks

"I see no reason why we won't eventually do next-gen," says CEO Victor Kislyi

World of Tanks is likely to make its way to Xbox One once the console has a viable user base for a free-to-play business model.

That's according to Wargaming CEO Victor Kislyi who, quizzed on the possibility of an Xbox One version of his tank sim, told IGN, "I see no reason why we won't eventually do next-gen."


Kislyi went on to say it's just a matter of letting the new console grow its user base.

"First, let them come out," he added. "Second, let them get to a meaningful user base. In free-to-play, you have to have millions and millions of players. On the PC, we have 77 million registered users worldwide. More than 75 percent of our players never pay us anything. We monetize only a small percentage who deliberately, from time to time, give us something in the range of the price of a movie ticket. So one million, say, is not enough of a user base for a free-to-play game. However, let them come out."

Kislyi stressed that, user base aside, "there are no tangible restrictions" stopping WoT coming to Xbox One.

"Microsoft is obviously excited about Xbox One, just like the whole world. We see no reason not to work with it in the future," he said, asserting that "we'll talk with Microsoft about Xbox One" once the studio has stabilized development on the Xbox 360 version.

World of Tanks, a breakthrough free-to-play title, features 15-on-15 player armoured warfare. In 2012, the game's developer Wargaming said its revenue stood at 217.9 million euros for the year - an indication of the popularity of the franchise.

An Xbox 360 version of the game was announced on June 10, with a beta having commenced later that month.