2D fighter Yatagarasu no longer in development for 3DS

Development moved to PS Vita, given a new name

Publisher Nicalis has announced that its Japanese 2D fighting game Yatagarasu, which was in development for 3DS, has been moved to the PS Vita and given a new name.

The game formerly known as Yatagarasu will now be titled Legend of Raven, and is in development for Sony's handheld instead of the Nintendo 3DS, for which the game was originally planned.


Development moved from the 3DS to the PS Vita "due to the incredibly overwhelming response from the fighting gaming community," Nicalis CEO Victor Rodriguez said.

Heeding the requests from fans, the game will now be known as Legend of Raven and will see its release on the PS Vita. A PC version will also be available.

As the transition is made from 3DS to PS Vita, enhancements will include a new soundtrack, parallaxing backgrounds, and ad-hoc versus play. It will also feature eight hand animated characters from the King of Fighters artist, Kotani Tomoyuki.

According to the game's official site Legend of Raven will be released Q4 2013.

In other PS Vita news, Sony's handheld recently received a price cut and will now retail for €199 in Europe and $199 in North America, and $269.95 for the WiFi and 3G model in Australia.