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'Azurite' blue PS3 confirmed for US in October

250GB SKU to go on sale for $249

Sony has confirmed that the 'Azurite Blue' PS3 'super-slim' will be released in North America and Canada on October 8.

The console will come with a matching controller and a 250GB hard drive for $249, and will be sold exclusively through GameStop and Canadian EB Games stores.


The Azurite Blue console was released in UK in February alongside the a Garnet Red SKU, although they came with two controllers and 500GB of storage for £234 (around $365).

The new machines will be open for pre-order west of the Atlantic from tomorrow, August 27.

During Sony's Gamescom conference, the platform holder announced a PS4 release date of November 15 in the US and November 29 in Europe.