Rayman Legends review round-up

All the verdicts in one place

In our Rayman Legends review we said the game is "an absolute joy to play - challenging, amusing and very, very French."

Our review also noted that Rayman Legends offers "essential platforming shenanigans, and one of those rarest of beasts - a third-party game best experienced on Wii U."

Critics have been giving their verdicts on the limbless hero's latest adventure, and we've collated all the reviews in one easy-to-read list. Rayman Legends is out August 29 in the US and Australia, and August 30 in Europe.

  • Eurogamer: 10 - The platform game has been around for so long that it's easy to assume that the genre has run out of surprises. A showcase for the game designer's art and one of the greatest platform games of this - or any - year, Rayman Legends disproves that in glorious style. From its gorgeous visuals to its painstaking design to its abundant generosity, it shows once and for all that "hardcore gaming" is about style, flair and good, old-fashioned challenge - not how many pixels of brain matter you can spray across the screen.
  • IGN: 9.5 - Thanks to clever level design that toys with genre conventions, it gets incredible mileage out of four basic moves. And with great local co-op and dozens of unlockables - including stages from Rayman Origins, special character skins, and mini-games - there's a lot to do. The difficulty is so smoothly balanced that it can be played with with kids or adult friends and still have a great time.
  • GameSpot: 9 - Rayman Legends is an excellent game in just about every way. However, there is one problem. When a female character dies, you're treated to a creepy panty shot that's totally out of place. But that's the one negative mark this game bears. Fueled by smooth platforming, striking visuals, wacky situations, and infectious beats, Rayman Legends is a nifty platformer that exudes unabashed delight.
  • Nintendo Life: 9 - Rayman Legends is so close to perfection that its minor missteps are all the more noticeable. Single players will likely tolerate but not love the mandatory touch-screen Murfy levels, while we're left wanting more, with the main story levels being over in a flash at well under 10 hours. Clearly aware of this, the developers made those hours utterly glorious, and then threw in enough extra content, challenges, remixes and collectibles to conceivably more than double that play time.
  • Edge: 9 - Modern 2D platformers rarely reward you for studying the scenery, but Legends teems with inspired flourishes, such as the purple Mini-taurs cleaning cavern floors in one Olympus Maximus stage - perhaps a winking reference to all the extra polish added during the game's delay. It may well have been a great game at its initial deadline, but the staggering level of detail in its amplified incarnation helps it run rings around its already estimable predecessor.
  • GameInformer: 9 - Rayman Legends provides top-notch gameplay with an expansive package of additional content. I'm glad to see the possibility of Rayman and his friends popping up at more regular intervals. If Ubisoft can maintain the series' current level of quality, by all means, keep 'em coming. I know I'll eagerly play each one.
  • Official PlayStation Magazine: 9 - Level design is so good - so intricate, yet always presenting the right level of challenge - that you take for granted how effortlessly it pulls off each chapter's musical finale. Racing through a crumbling castle in sync with a gibberish version of Ram Jam's Black Betty has no right to be this thrilling.
  • Gamesradar: 4.5/5 - Rayman Legends is easily one of the most feature-rich platformers you'll likely see, rife with accessibility and challenge in equal measure. By a few hours in, you'll have exhausted every synonym you know for "pretty." A few stages after that, "fun." And by the end, just one word will accurately describe the whole experience: "fantastic."
  • Official Xbox Magazine: 8.5 - Legends may not be Rayman Origins: Part II, but we wouldn't really want it to be. What's here is a smart, somewhat kinder, but no less addictive approach to the series' trademark challenge. And that's just the way we like it.
  • VideoGamer: 8 - A whopping chunk of Origins is playable within the game, and your 'Awesomeness' level can be increased indefinitely by competing in weekly and daily challenges. Rayman Legends isn't perfect, but it's still a cracking game.
  • Polygon: 8.5 - Like Origins before it, Rayman Legends is polished, pretty and addicting. Legends has teeth - especially when it comes to invaded stages, and some later bosses almost caused me to put a controller or two into orbit. But it's hard to point to another 2D platformer that has the level of variety and quality that Rayman Legends boasts.
  • Joystiq: 4.5/5 - If you've ever gleaned enjoyment from a platformer in your life, there's simply no reason to pass up Rayman Legends. Should you own a Wii U you'll be treated to the original, if occasionally frustrating experience, though the game will make you smile no matter what system you call home.
  • God Is A Geek: 9 - It's not perfect, no, but it brings such joy to the player that it's impossible not to fall utterly, head-over-heels in love with it. Aside from online multiplayer, it's tricky to know just what else Ubisoft Montpellier could have brought to the table here, as there really is such a high level of detail, care and love for their product.
  • NowGamer: 8.5 - Rayman Legends is an excellent platformer that is more than worthy of your time. While a few missteps see the game fall short of classic status, Rayman Legends is still fantastic.
  • The Sixth Axis: 9 - Rayman Legends doesn't need a thousand words of explanation and assessment. It's not a weighty, narrative driven game that will make you postulate meanings or attribute deep allegorical intentions. This is a game about not thinking, it's a game about letting go and just enjoying the colours and sounds and swirling, bouncing happiness that's taking up your screen. You'll have to practice elements, you'll need to learn locations of hidden areas and timings of jump sequences to progress. But you'll certainly never be bored.