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Rayman Legends Vita version delayed

"To apply the final level of polish gamers expect from a Rayman game"

Ubisoft's UK arm has delayed the Vita version of Rayman Legends by two weeks.

While the Rayman Legends release date on other platforms remains this Friday, August 30, the Vita version has been pushed back to September 13.

"The release of Rayman Legends on PS Vita has been delayed in the UK to September 13 in order to apply the final level of polish gamers expect from a Rayman game," a spokesperson explained to Digital Spy.

"With unique touchpad controls, five bonus maps and two bonus costumes, we're certain that Rayman fans will be fully satisfied. All other platforms will release in the UK on August 30."

The Vita version of the game will now launch in other European territories on September 12.

In our Rayman Legends review, we said the game is "an absolute joy to play", offering "essential platforming shenanigans" that are "best experienced on Wii U".

The title, which started out as a Wii U exclusive due for release in February, was delayed to August in order to allow for a simultaneous release on Xbox 360 and PS3. The Vita version was revealed in May, while a PC version was announced just last month.

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