The Last of Us update 1.03 brings MP mode 'Interrogation'

Significant update also tackles multiplayer balance issues, bug fixing

Naughty Dog is working a significant update for the multiplayer mode in its PS3 exclusive, The Last of Us.

Update 1.03 will introduce a wave of gameplay tweaks and improvements, alongside an entirely new gameplay mode called 'Interrogation'.


The new mode sees both teams defending their supplies cache while trying to raid that of the opposing team's, reports Kotaku. But the location of your foe's cache can only be revealed by taking down - not killing - an enemy and then interrogating them on the field, which leaves the interrogator open to a counter attack.

Once enough information is gathered (which equates to getting five interrogations) your team commences its assault on the opposing team's lock box, all guns blazing.

Explaining further changes in update 1.03, game designers Robert Ryan and Quentin Cobb detailed the following highlights:

  • Increased revive range
  • Adjusted balance on item cast locations on 'a few maps'
  • Can prevent an execution by shooting the executioner, canceling the animation
  • Bug fixes related to intro cameras at the start of a match
  • Improved matchmaking for better game balance
  • Fixed item caches awarding too much to players who've just made a comeback

Update 1.03 will be released for free. No release date was announced.