Crytek's Warface confirmed for Xbox 360

Free-to-play shooter coming to current-gen console in 2014

Crytek has confirmed that its free-to-play shooter Warface is on its way to Xbox 360.

Although no exact release date has been set, the developer expects to launch the game on Xbox 360 in 'early 2014'.


Warface will remain a free-to-play title on the console, but will require users to be subscribed to Xbox Live Gold. How the game will compare to its PC counterpart is yet to be confirmed.

This comes just days after Crytek commenced a closed beta for the PC version of the game last week - formerly the only version announced.

Selected players in North America, Europe and Turkey have been given access to a new build of the game, which is said to feature an early look its "constantly updated universe that offers new challenges every day, as well as action-packed gameplay featuring four distinct soldier classes".

With Warface, Crytek promises "a wide variety of intense and rewarding multiplayer options, a vast and frequently updated PVE universe, featuring dramatic co-op missions where you are rewarded for both teamwork and individual skill, and a full set of class-based PVP modes make for an unrivaled competitive experience".

It'll be co-published throughout Europe, the US, Australia and New Zealand by Crytek and online games firm Trion Worlds through Gface, Crytek's social gaming network, and the Trion Platform, it was confirmed last year.