Saints Row 4 exceeds 1 million sales in first week

PC version tripled Saints Row 3 first week sales

Saints Row 4 has already sold over a million copies in its launch week, Deep Silver announced.

Publisher Deep Silver also revealed that in the first days of availability the PC version of Saints Row 4 tripled the first week sales of Saints Row: The Third.


The online community for Saints Row 4 has also increased, with a million registrations processed in the first week. There are now more than 1.3 million user accounts for the game, with 806,908 pieces of new user-generated content since the game's release and the introduction of the character customisation app, Inauguration Station.

In our Saints Row 4 review we said: "From game-changing superpowers to genre-bending setting, Saints Row IV is the only logical answer to the last game's excess, even if, like The Third, it too often feels like a comedy without a straight man. This is a game in reckless pursuit of crazy, yet for all its blinding slapdashery, it never loses sight of its prime directive: riotous, outrageous, indecent fun."

Saints Row 4 was refused classification twice in Australia. A modified version was approved, which will omit one optional mission featuring the use of "virtual alien narcotics."

Following the announcement it emerged that the game will suffer a delay in Australia and is set for release in September.

Saints Row 4 DLC is now available.