Uwe Boll wants you to help him make a Postal 2 film

Notorious director takes to Kickstarter

The German auteur responsible for such woeful film adaptations as Alone in the Dark and Far Cry wants you to help him fund his next film on Kickstarter.


If you're keen to see a Boll-directed film adaptation of Postal 2, then here's your chance to make it happen. Boll also directed the adaptation of the original Postal game, which currently holds an abysmal 8 per cent approval rating on film review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, with one critic describing it as "infantile, irreverent and boorish to the max".

Boll is asking for $500,000 to help fund the project, which is described as "a controversial comedy about current political issues." According to the Kickstarter description, the film is destined to "finally destroy the film industry and the world we are living in."

You'd be crazy not to pitch in, right? The project has attracted $1,984 at the time of writing, with 59 days left to reach the $500,000 goal.

Take it away, Uwe.

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