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Nintendo 2DS dual-displays 'actually one large touchscreen'

Cost-saving measure discovered during hands-on session

The Nintendo 2DS has been built with one single, large touch screen, as opposed to two individual displays.


That's according to a USgamer report, which claims that the recently announced low-cost version of the 3DS masks the unused portion of the display, so that it appears to feature the traditional two screens.

It's believed this is a further way of reducing the cost of the system, as well as the removal of the glasses-free 3D display option.

According to the report, a layer of plastic has been placed over the top 'touchscreen'.

Theoretically, if this layer of plastic could be bypassed then modders could create 2DS software that made use of dual touchscreen displays.

Nintendo announced the 2DS on Wednesday. The redesigned handheld will play the entire library of cartridge and digital 3DS and DS titles, but "only in 2D".

The Nintendo 2DS will launch in black & red and black & blue colours on October 12 in North America, priced at $129.99 USD. In Europe the 2DS will launch on the same day in white & red and black & blue colours.

UK retailer GAME is listing the Nintendo 2DS for £109.99.