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Saints Row 4 patch to fix weapons bug is on the way

Updates in the works for PC and console versions of the game

Volition is readying a Saints Row 4 patch designed to fix a bug that multiplies and removes weapons in the PC version of the game.

Additionally, the studio's also working on updates for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the open-world action title.

In our Saints Row 4 review we said Volition's latest series entry "loses sight of its identity, but crucially retains high levels of hair-brained hilarity".

We added: "From game-changing superpowers to genre-bending setting, Saints Row IV is the only logical answer to the last game's excess, even if, like The Third, it too often feels like a comedy without a straight man. This is a game in reckless pursuit of crazy, yet for all its blinding slapdashery, it never loses sight of its prime directive: riotous, outrageous, indecent fun."

Saints Row 4 sales topped one million copies during the game's launch week, according to publisher Deep Silver. The game topped the UK all formats chart on Tuesday, coming in ahead of fellow new releases like Splinter Cell: Blacklist and Disney Infinity.