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Wind Waker HD trailer compares Normal and Hero modes

See how the new difficulty setting will make Link's quest harder

Nintendo has officially released a new Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD trailer to show off its new Hero mode.

The footage offers a look at how the new difficult setting will make the game harder for players.

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As revealed last week, Hero mode makes enemies deal double damage and the player will not find any hearts in the game's iconic breakable pots, long grass or anywhere else in the environment.

This means health will be in short supply, and players will only revive hearts with potions and Fairies, the latter of which can be rare.

Hero mode will be selectable each time you load a saved game, so players can revert back to normal difficulty at any time.

Nintendo has confirmed that The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD will be released in US two weeks early via the the Wii U eShop. The US retail release date of October 4 - the same day as its retail release in Europe - will be preceded by a digital download release via the US eShop on September 20.

Additionally, Nintendo of America announced this week that the game will be packed into a special Zelda Wii U premium bundle for £249.99, along with confirming plans to cut the Wii U's price by $50.