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GTA 5 special editions detailed with new screens

"Being middle-aged,I don't get as excited as I used to for most games.BUT,I can't wait for this.Now it's gone gold,can you bring the release date forward a week or two,please,Rockstar?" - TheBusterMan

What? No one told me that's what happens when you become middle-aged. I DIDN'T ASK FOR THIS.

White Xbox One revealed but not for consumers

"This is the equivalent of putting a cooked steak in front of someone, and telling them they can't eat it." - DrakeandSully

The only one stopping you from eating that steak is you. Never let a person tell you when you can and cannot eat steak.

'Azurite' blue PS3 confirmed for US in October

"Azurite? Is or right. It's alright" - Vi_James

Leave it yeah?

Microsoft teases 'surprise games' at PAX this weekend

"Viva Pinata! .....just me then?" Barry316

No, Barry, you're not alone. I'd take a new Viva Pinata over a new Kinect Sports whatever any day of the week. It could actually be quite cool with Kinect.

"It's going to be crackdown. Anyone who disagrees with me is getting reported!" - 360_Fan

Phil Spencer is waiting for the right conditions for a new Crackdown, meanwhile Volition totally made it, go play Saints Row 4 if you haven't already.

Nintendo 2DS is the new 'affordable' 3DS model

"I'm going to go against the grain and say I'm interested.

It may seem stupid to have a non 3D 3DS but think about the people who cannot use 3D equipment for whatever reason or those who don't want to spend money on a gimmick they wouldn't use.

You could always turn off the 3D mode on the 3DS, some games even suggested you do so. I believe Street Fighter plays at 60FPS with 3D turned off. So it's not exactly that crazy for Nintendo to take the feature out completely to get a lower selling price. Doubt that it would happen but shuold the price transfer over to the UK it's roughly £100 who would/could say no to that." - Stigweird85


Seriously though, it still looks pretty dumb

PES 2014 won't feature rain, Spanish grounds or a stadium editor

"They should've used the cloud for the rain." -Budge

Pack it up, nothing will beat this comment.