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Halo for Xbox One is called 'Halo 5'

New version of E3 reveal trailer shows new logo

Halo for Xbox One will be called Halo 5, if a new version of the game's E3 2013 reveal trailer is accurate.

The news comes via Axis Animation, the company responsible for the reveal trailer. Posting on its official Facebook page, the organisation inadvertently revealed the name of the next Halo installment.


While the logo could be a placeholder, the original trailer shown at E3 2013 displayed a Halo logo without the number.

Meanwhile, a quickly removed listing for the next-gen Halo appeared on the Microsoft Store at the weekend, revealing previously unannounced story details.

Halo 5 is scheduled for a 2014 release. According to 343 Industries' Bonnie Ross, the new installment will be enhanced by cloud computing and will run at a "blistering 60 frames per second".

Xbox One will release in November. A PepsiCo promo recently hinted that a more specific "late November" release date is likely.