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Launch issues blight SimCity release on Mac [Update]

Woes caused by installation problems and misinformed minimum spec requirements

Players are reporting various problems with the newly-released Mac version of SimCity.

Update: An EA rep has told CVG that all installation issues have now been fixed. Here's the official statement:

"We are pleased to advise that the installation-related issues some players experienced with SimCity on Mac on launch day have been resolved."

Original report continues:

The Mac edition was released on August 29 and within hours EA's SimCity forum began to fill with complaints from customers who are apparently unable to play the game.


Some players claimed they couldn't access the game if launching it in a language other than English. Others say they can't install the game because Origin thinks it's already installed.

While EA has released a SimCity Mac FAQ detailing fixes for many of these issues, it concedes that some remain unresolved.

One such issue is that players running OSX 10.7.4 cannot play the game, despite Origin's claim that users require 10.7.x minimum.

EA's responded by claiming: "SimCity requires 10.7.5 minimum (or 10.8.4 if you have a HD3000 graphics chip set) and we are working to update the min spec requirements text on Origin to reflect this requirement."

It's also being claimed the players using OSX 10.9 can't play the game either. "We are investigating reports that OSX 10.9 (Developer Revision 5 and 6) is incompatible with Origin and SimCity," reads EA's reply.

The PC version of SimCity launched on March 5 and was immediately besieged with issues, with overwhelming demand crashing the game's servers.

The issue continued for a number of days after launch, forcing EA to temporarily disable certain features in the game. The incident caused SimCity creator Will Wright to label it "inexcusable".