GTA 5-minute facts: GTA V news daily

GTA 5 o'clock delivers daily GTA V facts in five minutes

GTA V is only 15 days from launch and we're celebrating with a daily fix of GTA V info - breaking down the game's key features in a new fact-packed five-minute video every day until Sep 17.

Our new show, GTA 5 Minute Facts, will give you the low down on the most anticipated game of the year in a series of five-minute, info-stuffed videos produced by the crew at our big daddy Grand Theft Auto show, GTA 5 o'clock. Hosts Dan Dawkins and Tim Weaver are the only journalists to have seen GTAV and GTA Online in action, with a history of winning predictions and analysis.

Today, GTA 5 o'clock's Tim Weaver looks at GTA V's key characters, plus their families, friends and enemies - taking in 18 colourful characters in just under five minutes. We'll have a new show every day until launch, outlining the game's key features, including locations, weapons, cars, combat and much, much more.

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GTA 5 'o clock is your in-depth look at Grand Theft Auto V with Dan Dawkins and Tim Weaver. Tune in every Wednesday to get the best, most in depth analysis of 2013's biggest game from some of the best brains in the games industry. Subscribe to the CVG YouTube channel now to ensure you never miss another episode.

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