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Xbox One will support eight controllers at once

Will also have a 30 foot wireless range

Xbox One will support eight controllers at once, up from the four that can be used with the Xbox 360.

According to details published on the official Xbox One product page, the new controllers will also have a 30 foot wireless range.


Sony has yet to confirm how many DualShock controllers can be connected to the PlayStation 4 at once. The PS3 currently supports seven controllers, even though no games support seven player local multiplayer.

In CVG's hands-on with the Xbox One controller, we described it as "a big improvement" over the current Xbox 360 model.

A PepsiCo promo earlier this week hinted that an Xbox One release date will fall in late November, though Microsoft has already confirmed the console will not release in several European countries until 2014.

Sony has confirmed a November 15 release date for its PS4 in the US, while Europe and Australia will see the console release on November 29.